Wednesday, 27 August 2014

the blogosphere

blogosphere - a real word, its early use recorded as recently as 1999

It's the online universe of blogs.

These online logs may be authored by an individual, or a group. They may be amateur or professional. What they share is a timeline of virtual activity that may reveal thoughts, images, beliefs, news, research and the like. 
Blogger(s) are also referred to as publishers.

Blog entries can be long or short.

Blogs can feature original material and / or found and linked* items. They are often a balance of word, image, video, or audio.

Most blogs invite interactivity because of their 'comments' section - look at the one below. This forum allow 'visitors' to interact with the publisher. 

*Linked items or external links connect outside your blog to websites on the internet. They help 
provide more information. 

A link is often a different colour

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