Sunday, 26 October 2014

doing something about the 'about' section!

In the lower right hand corner you'll find an 'About Me' box
(unless you've changed its default position in layout)

If you click on the g+ (Google Plus) or 'View my complete profile'
links, you'll be taken to the blog's profile page

The profile page defaults to 'posts'.

You'll see a three column round up of all the blog's posts.
This view of the blog is another way - besides 'blog archive' - to find things.

Click on:      

Here you'll find opportunities to share information, including:

Basic information
Contact Information

Each box has an blue edit button lower right

When filling these - Don't give away more information than you really need to

I've decided to give this much information ---> my / the blog's profile


Whilst editing you'll see this top right...

To check what the public sees, click on the down arrow next to 'Yourself'....

This will give you a view of your profile as others will see it.

Always consider what you share - double check everything.

Happy? Publish.

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