Monday, 13 October 2014

blog thoughtfully

So... you blog about something / someone or, somebody else blogs about you.

How easy is it to permanently remove blogged words and visuals? 

A good habit is to work on the assumption that once you've posted 
something it stays there forever. 

The only thing that'll 'disappear' your content is search engines not being able to find it. 

"More than 18,300 Britons have asked Google to remove search results about them under the 'right to be forgotten'. A total of 18,459 web links to British people - out of 60 000 requested - have been  taken off the search engine." - Metro newspaper - 13 October 2014

The story was also covered by the Guardian newspaper - 12 October 2014

Think about what you say in your blog. Always be considerate, always do your research. 

Currently fewer than a third who request 'removal' of content (through Google's search engine) are successful. 

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