Monday, 6 October 2014

what is trolling?

Online trolling is the posting of offensive, upsetting and inflammatory comments  on social media (e.g. Facebook) and micro-blogging sites. Anyone who does it is called a troll.

The term can also be applied to those who post rude and inappropriate opinions and comments on blogs.

The aim of the troll is to post things where they can be seen publicly, and where they can illicit a reaction.

It is important to consider how you might deal with this if it happens to you.

Should visitors to your blog say whatever they want? after all - it's a public space.

The answer is no. 
You don't have to accept any of the above bad, online behaviour.

Remove comments if you want to.

link ---> How to remove comments on Blogger


What to do if someone trolls you on Twitter

Click on the cog symbol

- top right of your Twitter page 

A drop down menu appears...

Click on settings...

 You'll see this menu in the left hand column of the page...

 Click on 'Help'...

You'll find yourself on Twitter's 'Help Center' page.
Look for this box....
Clicking on 'Online abuse' will give you lots of information about what to do, and how to report abusive content to Twitter.

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