Sunday, 21 September 2014

blog connections

Use your blog and your Twitter account (microblog) to make connections.

Your blog articles will be longer because tweets (microblog messages) are limited to 140 characters - though you can add pictures too.

This means you'll use them for different things.

The main thing is to show your followers that things you do online are connected.

I'm going to tweet a connection to this blog - I think I'll choose the post/article about: 'opening a twitter account'

I copied the address of the post:

If you want to open one article at a time click on the blog archive in the right column. 
Alternatively go to 'search 'we blog' top right - this may give you a choice of several articles. 
Click on the title i.e. the name of the post that you want.

On my Twitter homepage there's a box top left inviting me to:

'Compose new Tweet...'

Notice that the address is accompanied by a very simple introduction to what the link is about - 'a new blog about blogging'...

Click on 'Tweet', and, look, it's sitting next to 'New York Times Arts' something I chose to follow on setting my Twitter account up....

home timeline (only you see this)

On my profile page (what others see) it looks like this:

Others following me on Twitter can now choose to click on the link (if they think it looks interesting) and it will bring them back to my blog.

Connection made!

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