Tuesday, 16 September 2014

twitter: tweeting for the first time

After you've chosen who you want to follow (you'll definitely add more later), you'll get this screen:
note: cropped screen grab of my twitter page 
You can tweak the 'time zone' or 'sensitive' sections now... or later.
Use the wheel/cog icon top right to pull down the menu. 
Choosing 'Settings' will give you the above.



Twitter suggests what your first tweet might be:

I think I'll choose Twitter's message suggestion because the hashtag (#) will link me with other first tweets.....


Read the message at the top of my twitter page screen grab:

"Nice one! All of the Tweets you write appear on your profile page. Your Tweets also appear in your       home timeline as well as the home timelines of the people who follow you."

If you've read it - and understood it - click on the grey x top right of the message and it'll disappear.

This post is a follow on - part 3 - of setting up your Twitter microblog.

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