Wednesday, 10 September 2014

opening a twitter account: part 1

a step by step guide to microblogging on Twitter....

1. go to the twitter website

2. decide whether you want to use your 'real' name. 

3. In the 'New to Twitter' section I decided to use this blog's 'About Me' name (located in the right hand column of this page)

I supplied an email and password. 
Only I know what they are. 
You should keep your sign in details private too.

All done?

Hit 'Sign up for Twitter'....

4. I've chosen not to use my own name on the form. I want everything to link with this blog's identity.

Take a minute or two to decide what's best for you. I prefer a little anonymity.

If you're not sure, a pseudonym is good for now - as the form says: 'you can change it later'.

IMPORTANT - when creating your password consider a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, plus a number.

Apparently my password is perfect!

Play around with possibilities until twitter tells you your password is perfect too. MAKE A NOTE OF YOUR PASSWORD.

Don't tick the 'keep me signed in on this computer' box if others use the same computer as you, or if like me, you have another twitter account.

All done?

Hit 'Create my Account'

5. Next Twitter takes you through a series of steps...

6. You can leave as many of these ticked as you want (Twitter ticks them all by default).

I want my twitter account to be about creative blogging - I can't see that on the I've un-ticked everything. I don't want a cluttered home timeline - others' tweets...unless I've selected them.

7. The next page gives lots of 'suggestions' too...
I worked through the list to remove all of the crosses....

....and eventually ended up with this....

8. Like any blogging platform Twitter wants to get as much data from you as it can. 

I've said it before: Be mean about the personal information you give away.

That includes your email contacts.
This step '4 of 5' is sneakily designed.

Look in the bottom right hand corner of the screen....

It says in small, neutral, un-eyecatching grey - 'Skip this step' 
(Look how much it's enlarged so that you can see it!)

That's the button I suggest you hit!

9. And finally...your Twitter account is set up...

Don't be tempted by the next lot of 'suggestions' ...unless you really want to follow the tweets of these individuals.

Setting up your Twitter account - part 2

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