Tuesday, 23 September 2014

finding things again

If you want to find things on your own blog - or want others to find things on it - get in to the habit of using the label system each time you post.

When you click on "New Post" - located top right on your Blogger page, you are sent to a page with a large text box for composing your post. 

You might also access it through your blogger dashboard

You'll see this in the right hand column.... 

Click on 'Labels' ....
You can see some examples of previous 'labels' already used for this blog.

Use the box to add key words for your post or article. 

Useful labels for this post might be:

'labels, post, location, re-location, keywords, find, file, locate, blogger, dashboard'.

Make sure you separate each word or phrase with a comma.

Click on 'Done'.

You can always add more by clicking on 'Labels' again

Using labels each time you prepare a post is a good habit to acquire.

When you've completed, and published your post, your labels will be listed below it....

Clicking any of the labels on your published page will take you to your blog pages containing corresponding labels or keywords

Note: on Wordpress labels are known as tags 

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