Monday, 1 September 2014

iPhone GPS - turn it off!

The GPS capabilities of your iPhone mean that the camera on it can reveal the exact location and time a picture was taken with it. 

Unless the place and time is important to your image capture, and the context within which you wish to use it - TURN IT OFF!

If you decide to remove this data (Exif tag) later - such as before publishing on your blog - you may need specialist software to remove it.

GPS = Global Positioning System
Exif = Exchangeable image file format

How to turn GPS off
Go to your iPhone's home screen and click on the settings icon

Find 'Privacy' and click on it

Next click on 'Location Services'

Note: you can at this stage switch GPS off completely.
         If you do you'll also disable maps, compass etc

Alternatively you can turn the GPS of individual apps off using each individual on/off slider button.

Here the camera's GPS is switched off
Here it's left on

The top example is the safer alternative

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