Monday, 29 September 2014

multiple accounts

The chances are that you're already using all or some of the following: Instagram, TwitterTumblr, Pinterest or Facebook

What are you using them for? i.e. what kind of blogger are you?

If you've set them up already it makes sense to carry on using them - right?

Not necessarily.

If your blog is for professional / academic purposes it needs to reflect that fact.
Drunken nights out, silly pictures of you and your friends....or the cat, just won't do. Even if images and embarrassing statements are buried way back on your timeline (the running order of your blog from the most recent post to previous posts found by scrolling down) - others will find them. 

However, if you're already using these blogging platforms, enjoy them, and are probably proficient at using them....

....why not open another account using the same platform?

Start your blog afresh - and only put relevant information on it.

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