Tuesday, 9 September 2014

microblogging: twitter

"I don't get Twitter - who wants to know what anyone had for dinner?"

That's a comment I hear whenever I discuss the idea of Twitter - a microblog.

A microblog is simply a smaller version of a blog - its posts are more succinct, and its content smaller.

Posts (or tweets) are short (140 characters maximum), and most commonly done from your mobile phone.

You can decide to make its content personal (as you can with any blog). 

Other uses might be:

research, storage and/or networking...

use it to save / share weblinks  about your subject
use it for short notes to self
utilise twitter to post photos 
use it to network and connect with others 

Your Twitter account can be set to public or private 
Consider what's best for you.

*useful Twitter safety and security information* 

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