Friday, 12 September 2014

using a hashtag (to find others on twitter)

part 2 of twitter set up

So.....I've opened a new Twitter account, but, I'm not following anyone yet. This means I've nothing to read on my timeline.

The quickest way to find Twitter accounts I might be interested in is to use a hashtag - # - in front of a word or phrase.

I'll try putting #creative blogging in Twitter's search bar - you'll find it top right on your Twitter page....

(screen edit)
I wasn't particularly interested in those so I've refined / narrowed my search to #art blog. Immediately Twitter suggests the following.....

These are definitely things I'm interested in. 

Clicking on them prompts Twitter to suggest other accounts too.

Select as many as you want. I'm going to choose 30 for now.

Very soon your timeline will provide interesting information, snippets, formal information, informal chat etc....depending on who you've chosen to follow.

Here's how my Twitter account looks 24 hours after set up:

I already have 5 followers, and 1 Notification....and I haven't actually 'tweeted' yet!

Part 3 of setting up your twitter account

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